According to ARTnews, Grundy insures the majority of the top 200 private American automobile collections. This is because Grundy uses only the best underwriters with impeccable financial strength, our policy features meet the needs of serious collectors, and our team of specialists devote themselves to providing the finest service.

Comprehensive, Cost Efficient Insurance for Entire Collections

Grundy is the foremost insurer of valuable automotive collections in the United States.  In our Special Collections department, we insure larger car collections ranging in value from $500,000 to $5,000,000 and above, and each one receives the same expert care from our collections specialists.  Why do these enthusiasts choose Grundy?

Coverage Highlights:

  • Agreed Value Insurance – Just like individual collector cars, we insure all of these wonderful collections at their agreed value.  In the event of a total loss, the full insured value of each lost vehicle is paid.  Grundy uses only the strongest underwriters to be certain that the full value of all of these important collections is fully covered.


  • Global Coverage – Our exceptional coverage can be extended worldwide.


  • 150% Coverage Cushion – If, in the event of a total loss, the insured value of a vehicle is below its current market value, the underwriter will pay up to 150% of the Agreed Value to offset the loss.  Grundy recommends reviewing values periodically to keep your collection current with the market.


  • Diminution of Value – An automobile is original only once, and original automobiles command higher prices in today’s market.  The value of an original car is reduced if (for example) a replacement part is used for a repair, if the car is repainted, or even if the car is stolen and taken for a joy ride which reduces the value of an ultra-low mileage car.  Grundy covers losses caused by this diminution of value.


  • Maximum Coverage – Maximum liability and uninsured motorist coverage is available.


  • Custom Premiums – Premiums are customized based on a collection’s individual risk.

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