Classic and antique automobile dealers face different circumstances than most other car dealers. Collector car valuations are on the rise, and you want to be sure your inventory is protected by someone who understands the market and your inventory’s real intrinsic value.

Classic Car Dealerships Need The Latest In Protection

Coverage Highlights:

Grundy protects you and your business from inventory losses, and from all of the other risks that any car dealership faces. We can cover your liability and property damage risks with policies that are specifically tailored to your unique situation. You must meet several conditions. Our underwriters require that the cars must be under cover, the inventory must primarily be collectible or special vehicles, and you must not be a restoration shop. We do offer restoration shop insurance separately.

Your collector car inventory, both owned and taken on consignment, is insured on an Agreed Value basis. This low cost protection saves you money, and Grundy makes establishing values and the application process easy and convenient.

An extremely important feature of our insurance if you have consignment vehicles is that our direct primary coverage policies protect you when being held liable or subrogated by insurers of your customers’ vehicles.


Grundy Agreed Value Coverage Includes:

  • Special Dealer Coverage – Covers physical damage (comprehensive and collision) to your inventory on an Agreed Value basis. Once the underwriting team has agreed to the values of the cars, those values become the coverage limits. If there is a total loss, the Agreed Value of the vehicle is paid.


Grundy Liability Coverage Includes:

  • General Liability Coverage – If a customer or visitor is injured as a result of an accident that occurs out of your ownership, maintenance, or use of the premises for the purpose of the dealership, you are covered.
    Auto Liability Coverage – Not only are your businesses’ vehicles covered, but your inventory cars are covered during test drives.


Grundy “All Risk” Replacement Cost Coverage includes:

  • Building and Contents – Your building and contents including office furniture, communications equipment, computers, product displays, and other implements used to do business are covered at their replacement cost.


  • Crime Coverage – You are protected from loss caused by criminal acts perpetrated by an employee.

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