When most people think about museums, they think of the wonderful collections that they contain. When the insurance experts at Grundy look at a museum, they also see the many facets of hidden risk that come with maintaining and displaying a valuable collection.

Important Collections Deserve The Best Protection.

Coverage Highlights:

Total Museum Protection Policies

Valuations are on the rise for collector cars and in many other collectible categories as well. Is your collection protected at its current value? You want to be sure that not only your exhibits are protected from loss, but that your insurer also protects you and your organization from all of the other risks that any museum faces. Grundy can cover your liability and property damage risks with policies specifically built for your unique situation.


Grundy Agreed Value Coverage For Collections:

  • Agreed Value Coverage – Covers any physical damage to the exhibited or stored inventory on an Agreed Value basis. Once the underwriting team has agreed to the values of the artifacts, those values become the coverage limits. If there is a total loss, the Agreed Value of the artifact is paid.
  • Grundy’s Museum/Fine Arts Form not only covers vehicles, but can also cover any other historic or intrinsically valuable property such as artworks, memorabilia, and the like.


Grundy “All Risk” Replacement Cost Coverage includes:

  • Building and Contents – Your building and contents including office furniture, communications equipment, computers, artifact displays, and other implements used to operate the museum are all covered at their replacement cost. This includes historic features of the building.
  • When you display a consigned vehicle, the museum automatically assumes liability for the vehicle’s custody, care, and control. Grundy’s insurance experts have devised various methods to avoid the need to insure a vehicle twice or expose the museum to claims that could be brought by the owners’ insurance companies in the event of loss or damage.
  • Business Income Coverage – This is available to help you recover and restore operations following losses of revenue from admission fees, lost gift shop revenue, donations, special event fees, and other sources.
  • Crime Coverage – You are protected from losses due to criminal acts perpetrated by an employee or volunteer.


Grundy Liability Coverage includes:

  • General Liability Coverage – This coverage protects a museum opening its doors to the general public including a visitor injury as a result of an accident that occurs out of your ownership, maintenance, or use of the premises for the purpose of the museum. The coverage also protects the museum in many situations such as hosting a special event, operating a gift store, and while serving food. The coverage extends to employees, vendors, and volunteers.
  • Directors and Officers Coverage – Lawsuits against a for-profit and/or a not-for-profit board can result from claims of poor management practices, misrepresentations, discrimination, wrongful termination or acts, libel and slander, copyright infringement, and so forth. Individual or group lawsuits can be brought against the museum and its directors individually for wrongful acts of management. (One of the most common suits we’ve seen is for failure to carry complete and adequate insurance when a devastating fire or other loss occurs.)
  • Employment Practices Liability – This covers claims of wrongful termination, sexual harassment, discrimination, and other employment-related suits brought forward by museum staff. Even if the allegations are false, a liability suit could drag on for many months, and the museum’s reputation could also suffer permanent damage. For added piece of mind, we also offer background checks for the insured’s staff, including maintenance and security staff, gardeners, food service staff, contractors, and others.
  • Auto Liability Coverage – Vehicles owned by the museum and utilized for the operation of the museum can be covered.

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