Exceptional homes are often the most difficult to insure and require individual coverage specific to each property! Whether you reside on the coast, in the mountains, in a gated community, or all of these, Grundy Insurance has the ability to take care of complex situations and provide limits to meet your needs.

We Protect Your Homes And The Special Collections They Contain

Grundy Special Client Services has the expertise and the resources to meet the insurance needs of all your distinctive homes. Grundy policies include Guaranteed Replacement Cost coverage and free appraisal services. In many cases we can include Flood and Earthquake on our standard policy.

Coverage Highlights:

  • Primary and Secondary Homes – Because Grundy is licensed in all 50 states, you no longer need to use multiple insurance agents when insuring your homes. We can insure your primary and secondary homes, including waterfront homes and historic homes.


  • Waterfront Property Insurance – Many insurance companies will not insure waterfront homes, but Grundy will. We can place your waterfront property on a Special Client policy and also obtain the flood coverage you need. Enjoy the beauty and pleasures that a waterfront home can offer, free from the worry that it is not fully protected.


  • Historic Home Insurance – Not only do historic homes require special resources to restore and preserve them, they also need special maintenance in order to preserve their special character intact. Standard insurance companies do not understand this or provide coverage that addresses these special needs. Grundy does. Just as finely crafted details like hand carved woodwork, pine heartwood flooring, and original stone work make your home complete, the details in our custom Historic Home Insurance make your protection complete.

Special Collections

When you insure your home with Grundy, we can insure your valuable special collections with policies that have distinct advantages over typical personal property coverage.

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