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The James A. Grundy Agency, Inc. began as a small insurance company with a special knack for innovation. Since 1947, we have grown to be the premier provider of specialized insurance not only for collector vehicles, but for everything that is important to you. The basis of our success is that every Grundy policy includes superior coverage, legendary service, and substantial savings.

Grundy Protects Everything Important To You

In 1947 James A. Grundy, Sr. used resources provided for veterans of World War II to create the James A. Grundy Agency, Inc. That year he also invented Agreed Value Insurance specifically to protect his father-in-law’s antique automobile collection, and we now protect many asset classes using the Agreed Value concept.


  • Collectible Automobiles– No one knows more about properly protecting collector cars and car collections than Grundy Insurance. From a client base of 10,000 collectors in 1955, by 1981 we had more than 1,000,000 collector cars insured! Today, James’ son Jim is the only broker in the country to have valuation and underwriting authority extended to him personally by AIG. This permits him to approve collection and individual vehicle values at his sole discretion.


  • Regular-Use Automobiles – Jim Grundy, Jr. has created an insurance product that also protects your regular-use vehicles on an agreed value basis. Our Motor Vehicle Program, or MVP by Grundy, insures your collector automobiles, daily drivers, trucks, trailers, motor homes, electric vehicles, and more – all on one policy and all at their agreed value.


  • Valuable Collections – Collectors and their brokers consider Grundy to be the preeminent agency for serving the serious collector. We protect collections of jewelry and watches, fine art, antique furniture, clocks, firearms, fine wine, and many more. Our risk management specialists work closely with our clients to protect appreciating items of all types. In most cases an appraisal is not required.

By 2009, the Grundy Agency’s total written premiums for collectors exceeded one hundred million dollars. Grundy opened an additional adjoining office to support ongoing growth and enhance our exclusive, high level services provided to our rapidly growing number of VIP policy holders.


  • Fine Homes – Grundy Special Client Services has the expertise and resources to meet the special insurance needs of distinctive homes. Because Grundy is licensed in all 50 states, you can insure multiple homes across the country through Grundy. Grundy understands the special considerations of properly protecting distinctive homes.


  • Comprehensive Casualty – Grundy also protects you in a myriad of ways with our Personal Excess Liability coverage, our Fraud Safeguard insurance, and even Employment Liability poli­cies. Grundy can manage all of your risk so that you can enjoy your life.


  • Classic Boats – Last but not least, Grundy Marine Insurance protects classic boats on an Agreed Value basis as well. Jim Grundy, an avid lifelong sailor, personally created this insurance product for the classic boat collector. We insure the hull, equipment, and engines for their full value in the event of a total loss. In most cases, a marine survey is not required, which saves you the time and expense of a marine survey.

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