Restoration, Prep Shops, Hotrod Builders, Custom Projects and everything in between.

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Our list of classic car dealers continues to grow. There are several great choices when looking for a classic car.

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Grundy Insurance is proud to participate with several major car clubs. These clubs represent many of the different facets that make up our hobby from Classics, Sportscars, Hotrod and everything in between. Listed here are some clubs we encourage you to check out, just click on the web links and see what they have to offer. These clubs are as diverse as the programs Grundy provides in meeting all their insurance needs.


In today’s fast pace collector car market, millions of dollars change hands as buyers and sellers come together at auctions coast-to-coast.

Grundy Insurance is proud to partner with some of these companies. For a list of auction cars coming to market, to search inventory, register your car, register to bid, or search upcoming events, click View Auction.

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