Grundy Insurance

Grundy Insurance for
Utility Companies



This program is offered in most states. Coverages available are Property, Inland Marine, Crime, General Liability, Wrongful Acts, Employment Practices Liability, Auto, and Excess. Take advantage of combining all these coverages into a package and save money. Also, if you do not understand these various coverages, you should obtain a quote to learn more about what we offer through Grundy Insurance. We pay attractive commissions.

Eligible Classes

Water Districts and water related entities, including:

  • Private and mutual water companies
  • Water utilities
  • Irrigation districts
  • Drainage and Ditch districts
  • Reclamation districts
  • Municipal Utility District (MUD)
  • Levee districts
  • Water Control or Improvement Districts (WCID)
  • Groundwater Conservation District (GCD)
  • Fresh Water Supply Districts (FWSD)
  • Water Improvement Districts (WID)
  • Navigation Districts (ND)
  • Special Utility District (SUD)
  • River Authority (RA)
  • Natural Resource District (NRD)
  • Water treatment districts
  • Sewage districts
  • Metro Districts
  • Will consider other public and private entities where the primary purpose (75% or more of the payroll) is water treatment, management or distribution.

Submission Requirements

A complete application is defined as follows:

  1. A completed and signed ACORD Application;
  2. A completed and signed Water Districts Supplemental Application (DOC);
  3. A completed, signed and currently evaluated Statement of Values (SOV);
  4. 4 year (5 year preferred) currently valued (within the last 6 months) loss runs;
  5. MVRs and nothing more.
  6. Expiring premiums and target premium.
  7. Any other Supplemental Applications that may apply (i.e. Dam Supplemental, etc.).