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Thrilled to be a Grundy Customer!

7/21/2011 1:28:20 PM

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Thrilled to be a Grundy Customer!
New Policyholder Writes to say that if Her Own Company had Employees like those at Grundy, it could be the Largest of its Kind.

Dear Grundy,

I am in claims with the third largest insurer in the United States and have been for over 18 years.

Because of my experience, I believe I am well qualified as an insurance professional and consumer to recognize outstanding customer service.

After dealing with [Grundy employee] Cody Gibson last week, I remarked to my management team that we need professionals like him. If we had 20 employees like him, we would be the second largest insurer in the United States, if not the first. Employees like Cody are difficult to find; people who do the right thing because it's the right thing to do- people who love what they do and do it well.

These attributes, coupled with knowledge and expertise of the industry, equal customer retention. Word of mouth is perhaps the best advertising dollar you will spend. I for one am so glad that we made the switch to Grundy, and you can count on my testimonial to other collector car enthusiast merely because of the efforts of Cody.

In August of 2008, my husband was hit head on by a drunk driver while driving his prize possession. This is an automobile he spent well over five years putting together. It has won numerous awards and scored 99 out of 100 points in a national show judged by the professionals at Chevrolet. Thankfully, my husband walked away from this accident with minor injuries.

His vehicle was totaled, and he didn't know if he even wanted to start over. He started the rebuild process two years ago and was hoping to make his debut this past weekend at a car show where all were anticipating his return. My husband was not sure he would make it and actually waited too long to decide. When it looked like it would come together, he decided to change carriers and move to Grundy.

He threw poor Cody a curve ball by doing so, but Cody hung in there like a champion and did not leave that afternoon until we were completely taken care of, even offering his personal contact number should we need anything additionally from him. This type of service is so rare, it merits this lengthy correspondence, don't you think? Thanks to Cody and his dedication to his company and his customers, we were able to make this car show and took top honors.

In closing, I am thrilled to be a Grundy's customer.

My husband will be starting another vehicle soon to add to our collection, and it will be insured with Grundy's and any others we acquire. Please thank Cody properly once again and know that you have a valuable asset working on your team.


Kellie J. Wilkins, Oklahoma

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Bryan, I just wanted to drop a line about our trip from El Paso to the Goodguys Scottsdale show. This was the first trip on the newly completed 1933 all-steel Chevrolet... Our conversations on this excursion did not include "what if this happens." I knew all along that the coverage you provide would get us back safely. Thanks again for providing more time to enjoy life, less time spent on worry.

—Jerry Haley