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Grundy Sponsored CCCA Museum Concours in MI

6/16/2011 12:17:04 PM

Grundy Insurance, the Preferred Insurer of the Classic Car Club of America, recently sponsored the 2011 Concours of the CCCA Museum called "The Experience."

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The Concours was held on June 4, 2011 on the Gilmore Car Museum campus in Hickory Corners, Mich. The special features were cars built in Indiana -Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg, Marmon, Stutz, McFarlan, Elcar and Studebaker, and more. In addition to the Indiana-built cars, Full Classics® owned by CCCA members were displayed on the show field, on Sunday.

As a first-time, on-site sponsor of "The Experience," the Grundy Insurance team was blown away by the quality of not only the prestigious vehicles but by the amazing people, as well.

The Grundy team was delighted to meet nearly all of the participants, while serving morning coffee and donuts and partaking in the various events throughout the fun-filled weekend. While it was Grundy's job to provide the hospitality through the coffee sponsorship, the members of the CCCA provided an equal exchange of warmth and generosity.

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From the gate - literally- Grundy was graciously welcomed by the executive director of the Gilmore Museum, Michael Spezia, and his wife Ann, who coordinated many of the weekend's happenings. At the Friday Welcome Barbeque, the Grundy team was introduced to many car collectors, with the help of Ann and Mike, along with the CCCA Museum's secretary Katie Robbins, and David Schultz, First Vice President of the CCCA.

Grundy's Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Becky McLaughlin, and Alex Mauriz, a representative for Grundy's Special Client Services program, enjoyed dining with friends from Hyman Ltd. Hyman Ltd, a dealership based out of Kansas City, Mo., sponsored the scrumptious barbeque dinner.

On Saturday, Becky and Alex were on the Museum's grounds before the sun rose, preparing coffee and donuts; it was then that they were greeted by Michael Lauth, a Michigan-based car collector, during his morning walk.

"I was delighted have met Mike and to be invited to tour in his1935 Auburn that day, along with his friend Jim Lietner, as we followed behind John McMullen's Cadillac," says Becky. "The scenery along the route from the Gilmore campus to Marshall was outstanding from the extensive fields of flowers to the massive trees that the strong winds took down!"

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When in Marshall, the Grundy representatives dined at the legendary Schuler's restaurant, with friends Scott and Pamela Isquick. (Mr. Isquick encouraged Becky and Alex to sign up as many of his fellow Concours entrants to Grundy's insurance program; he explained that he has been a huge advocate for Grundy Insurance ever since a fire destroyed a portion of his collection in the 1970's and Grundy handled the claim with superior service.)

After lunch, everyone was back on the road.

"I hopped back into Mike Lauth's Auburn to return to Hickory Corners," says Becky. "But, we had a slight mechanical problem, and I had the chance to see a group of car guys do what they do best. With a little bit of elbow grease, we were back on the road in no time! I was so impressed at how everyone came together to fix the problem … and did indeed fix it!"

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Saturday's touring day ended and soon, it was Sunday morning.

"By Sunday, I really felt like I was part of the CCCA family. We were back at the Museum before sunrise, and I was excited to have my morning coffee with my new friend, Evelyn Freedman," says Becky. "After our morning coffee, I had a chance to enjoy the magnificence of the vehicles that were on the field. The overwhelming beauty of the cars was breathtaking."

Many of the dazzling cars on the field belong to collectors Bill and Barbara Parfet. Becky says that she was particularly enamored by the Parfet's five different Auburn Salon vehicles; she also took an immediate liking to Mr. Parfet's white 1910 National.

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As Sunday progressed, everyone enjoyed the prestigious collection of vehicles displayed on the grounds, while taking in the warm and sunny weather. At around two o'clock, the CCCA's Bob Joynt narrated the history of winning vehicles during the closing awards ceremony.

"And, just when I thought it was time to pack up and head back to Pennsylvania, I was invited to take a quick lap around the grounds in the National that I so admired," says Becky. "What an adventure!"

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National race cars hold a specific significance to members of Grundy Insurance family, like Becky McLaughlin. Jim Grundy, President of the insurance agency, has collected Nationals for decades; he has owned 11 of the 19 Nationals recognized to still be in existence; today, he owns 1912 and 1913 Nationals (both blue). The 1912 National Speed Car will be displayed at the Concours d'Elegance of America at St. John's (formerly Meadowbrook) on July 31, 2011.

Jim Grundy is a member of the Classic Car Club of America, and Grundy Insurance is proud to be designated at the Preferred Insurer of the club. In January 2011, Grundy's marketing team and the executive director of the CCCA worked together to establish a program in which Grundy will make a donation to the CCCA Museum in direct correlation to the amount of new insurance policies purchased by club members.

If you are a member of the CCCA and would like an insurance quotation, please contact 800-338-4005 or log onto When you submit your application for coverage, be sure the mention your membership to the club.

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