Contact Information: AUS: (61) 3-9013-3859 USA: (347) 480 1506 UK: (44) 203-289-2042 The ALLURE of Rallies & Tours 57 A lt e r n at i v e T o u r s Munich Welcome • Stayaboardthe SuperyachtinMonaco • AccesstoAmberLounge, theOfficialF1After-party • Helicoptertransfers betweenNiceandMonaco eachdayoftheGrandPrix • DrivearealF1caratapri- vatecircuitinthesouth ofFrance FLIGHTS BEFORE OR AFTER THE TOUR Participant responsible for travel arrange- ments before the commencement of the Tour and following its conclusion. On request, the UDTteamcanprovideadviceorassistancewith arranging flights. TRAVEL INSURANCE All participants are to have a comprehensive travel insurance policy in place prior to de- parting for the Tour. In addition to medical and luggage, particular attention should be paid to rental vehicle excess options. ANCILLARYVEHICLECOSTS+TOURKITTY Fuel and tolls are not included in the Tour In- vestment. All participants are also required to make a contribution of AU $1000 to a central tour kitty. The tour kitty covers minor and un- attributable vehicle damages (e.g. stone chips) and additional group expenses (e.g. morning/ afternoon tea, additional drinks not included in packages, etc). Any participant spending more than the group average on items such as fuel will be reimbursed the difference following the Tour’s conclusion. ACCOMMODATION & DINING PACKAGE Due to the diversity of options and preferences, accommodation and dining is packaged sepa- rately to the Tour package. INVESTMENT Per person: £ 11,490 / US $ 14,490 / AU $18,490 Optional add-ons (Call or email for pricing) Ultimate_Driving_Tours.indd 57 12/21/17 11:49 PM