The ALLURE of Rallies & Tours 3 cars were in excellent condition and well stored, but they spent most of their time just sitting and were only sporadically driven on special occasions. His regular car insurance didn’t work for the collection because it didn’t recognize limited use, and it would depreciate the cars even though they were not losing value. James Grundy, Sr. responded to these stipula- tions by inventing insurance coverage that is very low cost, yet insures an automobile at its full val- ue forever. Another innovation that he added was providing liability protection for multiple cars but only charging for one, because he reasoned that you can only drive one antique car at a time. In the process of making his father-in-law happy, James Grundy, Sr. created something much larger than he ever imagined, Agreed Value Insurance! Reflecting back, I remember with great inter- est reading and hearing about my Grandparents, Sam and Mabel Baily, driving their 1909 Pierce Arrow Mini Tonneau. This very rare car remains in the family collection today, but after it was re- stored, it competed in most early VMCCA and AACA events, including the Glidden Tour, where the Baily family not only drove in the Tour, but drove over 2,500 miles to-and-from the event. What an inspiration to us all! As a side note, Sam Baily created the judging criteria for the AACA that today still stands as the basis for all National and Regional judging activities. As for me, the forth generation, I’m extremely active in the hobby. One of my greatest passions, which I must have inherited from my grandpar- ents, is touring. I belong to several clubs and organizations and was a board member for the HCCA (Horseless Carriage Club of America), which I still actively support today. Personally, along with the Grundy Agency, I want you to know that we’re here to support you and encour- age you to drive and enjoy your collector cars. I hope you find this book on “The Allure of Rallies and Tours” a valuable resource. I encourage you join a club or organization that best reflects the era of collector car you own. Our website will be continually updated with information on activities in which you can participate in the old car hobby. In closing, I look forward to seeing you down the road on a Tour or Rally. i n t r o d u c t i o n Happy Motoring,  JimGrundy  Jim Grundy Sam and Mabel Baily in the first automobile documented to be restored for historic purposes, their 1909 Pierce Arrow Mini Tonneau. Like you, I’m extremely passionate about all the cars—Brass Era, Antique, Classic and Vintage...” “ Introduction_002-003.indd 3 12/21/17 10:12 PM