44 The ALLURE of Rallies & Tours C l u b A f f i l i at e T o u r s Vintage Motor Car Club of America The purpose of the Vintage Motor Car Club of America is to encourage preservation, restoration, and use of antique and historically significant automobiles. Our specialty is touring events, where we drive our cars to interesting places, meeting new people and visiting old friends along the way. We have fun while everyone gets to see, hear, and enjoy old cars driving on our highways. On our touring events, original preserved or restored cars 25 years or older are generally welcome, though some of our events are restricted to specific car types or eras. Explore historic sites including those associated with president William Howard Taft. See his 1909 White Steamer. Taft was the first president to abandon carriages for the automobile. Visits to Plimoth Plantation, Blithwold Manor, Heritage Museums & Gar- dens are planned. OPTIONAL FRIDAY BUS TOUR TO BOSTON: In- cludes visit to Larz Anderson Museum, JFK Museum. Class of Cars Accepted: 1949 and earlier ENTRY FEES FOR THE Heritage Tour, Pilgrims and presidents: 1. Registration: Open for Registration, capped at 50 vehicles 2. Location: Hampton Inn Fall River/ Westport, 53 Old Bedford Road, Westport, MA 02790 3. Cost: 5-day tour is $275 for Driver and $250 per passenger. Participant responsible for traveling, lodging and meals. Contact Information: Jane Ash Westport, MA jane@studegarage.com 508-995-0536 Heritage Tour, Pilgrims and Presidents June 3-8, 2018 This is the Vintage Motor Car Club of America’s premier Tour ex- clusively for Brass Era cars. Details not available at time of publi- cation. Please check club website for updated and specific details. Class of Cars Accepted: Brass Era cars only ENTRY FEES FOR THE 1 & 2 Cylinder tour: 1. Registration: Open for Registration, capped at 50 vehicles 2. Location: Archbold, OH 3. Cost: TBD approximately $275-$350. Participant responsible for all travel, lodging and meal expenses. Contact Information: Clem and Nancy Campbell Archbold, OH ngc1908@comcast.net 734-552-3771 1 & 2 Cylinder Tour June 17-21, 2018 Join the VMCCA online at www.VMCCA.org VMCCA.indd 44 12/21/17 11:52 PM