C l u b A f f i l i at e T o u r s Class of Cars Accepted: Automobiles manufactured from 1915 to 1948 CCCA Grand CARavans The Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) is about vintage automobiles and the pleasure of the sport. Since its beginning in 1952, the Mem- bers of the CCCA have been dedicated to the collection, preservation and enjoyment of the world’s finest cars. Automobiles manufactured from 1915 to 1948 remain the primary focus of the club today. CCCA members have held Grand Classic car shows, enjoyed CARavans and published The Classic Car magazine plus other materials every year since the Club’s founding. CCCA Grand CARavan Each region has an opportunity to host a Grand CARavan and it’s different every year. This gives its members the ability to partici- pate in as many as they like and never experience the same Tour twice. The routing for most CARavans takes place on secondary and country roads. Driving on interstate highway systems and toll roads designed for modern autos and truck is avoided as much as possible. By driving on older, mostly two-lane country roads we are able to enjoy scenery and view America as it once was. Many of these roads are well maintained and still here to be enjoyed. In most regions, the Spring and Fall Tours are the most popular. To find a region or contact the national headquarters visit their website at www.classiccarclub.org. There are several different CARavan opportunities that take place in the diffeRent regions across the US. You can follow all these updates on the CCCA website or www.Grundy.com Entry fees for the CCCA Grand CARavans: 1. Registration:Open for Registration - with teams of Two (driver and co-driver teams) 2. Location: Determined each year as the CARavan is hosted by different regions throughout the USA 3. Cost: Tour is $1800 (reassessed each year) Contact Information: The Classic Car Club of America, Inc. 5100 River Road, Suite 175 Schiller Park, Illinois 60176 Telephone: (847) 390-0443 Email:info@classiccarclub.org www.ClassicCarClub.org The ALLURE of Rallies & Tours 43 CCCA_Tour.indd 43 1/7/18 8:02 PM