The ALLURE of Rallies & Tours 41 C l u b A f f i l i at e T o u r s AACA Vintage Tour ENTRY FEES FOR THE Reliabity Tour, Revival AAA Glidden Tours® , Founders Tour, AACA Vintage Tour, Divisional Tours & AACA Sentimental Tour: 1. Registration: Online at 2. Location: TBD – Changes every year. 3. Cost: A fee of $25 gets your application submitted. Participants are responsible for all their arrangements, hotel, meals, travel, etc. Contact Information: AACA Headquarters 501 W Governor Rd Hershey, PA 17033 Phone (717) 534-1910 FAX: (717) 534-9101 The Vintage Tour is held during odd-numbered years and is for vehicles manufactured in 1931 or earlier. The Vintage Tour was designed to provide an additional touring opportu- nity for earlier vehicles. Divisional Tours Two National Divisional Tours may be held annually, i.e., one in the Central Division and one in the Eastern Division in even-numbered years, and one Southeastern Divisional Tour and one Western Di- visional Tour in odd-numbered years, if a Region or Chapter from the respective Divisions will sponsor a Tour, and if approved by the National Board of Directors. Divisional Tours are designed to attract more AACA members into touring, especially younger members who might not have the time or the resources to participate in one of the traditional 5-day tours. These tours are generally designed to be 2 or 3-day tours with minimum expenditures. Divisional Tours were designed to provide more frequent oppor- tunities to experience AACA touring and to move the touring ex- perience into locations around the country where more members may participate. As a less structured, shorter duration and less expensive event, this type of Tour offers an ideal “introduction” to the tremendous fun and fellowship available through this aspect of our hobby. The sponsoring Region or Chapter can establish almost any cri- teria for their National Divisional Tour. For instance, the tour could beanall-1950vehiclestour,anall-motorcycletour,anall-Chrysler vehicle (or other marque), or open to all vehicles over 25 years in age. (This is basically a self-designed tour that any Region/ Chapter would like to sponsor). AACA Sentimental Tour On each even-numbered year, a Sentimental Tour is sponsored on even-numbered years for all 1928 through 1958 production years, except for race cars and cars with rules-defined modifications. The ACAA Sentimental Tour was designed to provide an additional touring opportunity to mid-twentieth century vehicles. Class of Cars Accepted: 1931 and earlier Class of Cars Accepted: Open to all vehicles over 25 years in age Class of Cars Accepted: 1928 through 1958 production years AACA_Tour.indd 41 12/21/17 11:29 PM