T ouring was actually the basis for the birth of the Antique Automobile Club of America, but in the very early years of the hobby they were called “derbies” which later morphed into “reliability runs.” Hobbyists of the day were mostly concerned about “will they run” and events were started to prove that our old cars would still be fun to drive. So since the early 1930s we have come together to celebrate the driving of vintage cars. AACA formally began in 1935 and is currently the largest an- tique car club in America. Today, the Antique Automobile Club of America sponsors a variety of National Tours each year to promote the use of antique vehicles. Tours are held in as many different loca- tions as possible throughout the country. They provide sce- nic driving routes and social entertainment for participants as well as the chance to visit historic sites. Like our National Meets, all Tours are organized and administered by local Re- gions and Chapters. All of our Tours are open to any AACA member and their family. Family participation is strongly encouraged and many special events are often organized with this is mind. Such details as special rates for children’s meals are designed to make AACA touring an enjoyable fam- ily activity. AACA National Tours lend themselves to visiting very unique places and many times private car collections and museums will graciously invite our groups to attend. Our touring opens up a whole new world for attendees. AACA also has awards for Tours including very special awards each year at our Annual Meeting. Touring is a great part of our club and these National Tours are supplemented by many lo- cal Tours by our almost 400 regions and chapters. As a side note, AACA has had a long connection with the Grundy “family” as former AACA National Director Samuel E. Baily is Jim Grundy’s grandfather. Mr. Baily is generally considered the father of the AACA judging system which was an outgrowth of the old reliability runs. As folks began to congregate and enjoy their cars the concept of correct resto- ration became more and more important. Thanks to this sys- tem, the cars on AACA tours are very much in keeping with the way they originally came from the factory. C l u b A f f i l i at e T o u r s AACA Introduction by Steve Moskowitz, Director AACA For more information visit their website at www.aaca.org The ALLURE of Rallies & Tours 39 AACA_Intro.indd 39 12/21/17 11:28 PM