2 The ALLURE of Rallies & Tours i n t r o d u c t i o n I ’m proud to say the Grundy Agency is four generations strong. We strive every day to make a difference for our clients by staying engaged, offering the most diverse products on the market and personally participating in our wonderful hobby. Creating this book is my effort to share a passion that resonates strongly within me. My hope in pre- senting this book is to entertain, educate and hopefully en- courage you to participate in Tours and Rallies. Like you, I’m extremely passionate about all the cars—Brass Era, Antique, Classic and Vintage—that make up my collection, and I drive them whenever I get the chance. It all started at the turn of the last century, when my great Grandfather—Colonel Samuel Baily, a Philadelphia business- man—presciently foresaw that the automobile was going to replace the horse as the world’s primary means of transpor- tation. He and several of his associates founded the Pullman Automobile Company, formally Pullman Carriage Works, in York, PA, to manufacture stylish, powerful and expensive touring cars. His son Sam raced Pullmans as a way of promot- ing the brand to the public. Regretfully, Sam was involved in a racing accident, and the injuries forced him to stop competing. Shortly thereafter, the Colonel sold out his portion of the Pull- man Company at its peak and moved on to other endeavors. Sam Baily, however, was determined to remain in automo- tive manufacturing, and started a company near Philadelphia to construct refrigerated truck bodies. Among other things, Sam’s company built all the distinctive bodies for Good Humor Ice Cream trucks. The truck body business generated a good deal of scrap metal, which Sam would take to Philadel- phia and sell. On one of those trips, he spotted a 1909 Pierce Arrow atop the pile in the scrap yard, destined to be broken up. He recognized the beauty of the car and the importance of preserving the history of early automobiles. In 1937, Sam traded his load of scrap for the old Pierce Arrow and hauled it back to his factory where he and his men restored it. This is the very first documented automobile restoration for historic purposes. This important car now resides in our lobby and is occasionally used for touring even today. Sam’s daughter Patty was wooed and wed by James A. Grundy, Sr. after he returned from World War II. Using money from the GI Bill, he started an insurance business that offered all types of insurance. He was keenly interested in insuring Sam’s factory, and Sam agreed as long as young James could meet certain conditions. Sam stipulated that for his son-in-law to insure his factory, he had to figure out a way to insure Sam’s car collection at low cost. Sam also wanted the cars insured for their full value because he had spent a considerable amount of money restoring them and he knew they were increasing in value. His A Passion for Touring Introduction_002-003.indd 2 12/21/17 10:12 PM