36 The ALLURE of Rallies & Tours This 9-day, 1500-mile driving odyssey traces some of the most scenic roads the West has to offer, starting near Seattle, WA, then scaling the Cascades and paralleling the Pacific Coast on its way to the ul- timate auto destination—Pebble Beach Automotive Week. Partici- pants come from all over the world and their cars are shipped into Seattle for the event. Participants must have a roadworthy car with an elegance befitting the Concours. A maximum of 30 cars are accepted. Each year a handful of the cars that participate in the Motoring Classic are cars that have been accepted for that year’s Concours, but most of the cars are those that may have been shown at a past Pebble Beach Concours or are similar to cars that have been shown at the Con- cours. An exciting aspect of the tour is the variety of cars involved. These include Classics from the late Twenties and Thirties, Brass Era cars and vintage cars from the teens. Also included are some early post- WWII cars. The oldest car ever to complete the Motoring Clas- sic was a 1902 Mercedes; among the newest cars to participate were Ferrari 275 GTS/4 NART Spiders. While “officially” limited to a maxi- mum of 30 cars, due to the special accommodations, a car count in the mid-twenties is more realistic. Both a Trouble Truck with trailer and a Luggage Truck accompany the tour. The Motoring Classic arrives at Pebble Beach the Wednesday prior to the Concours and the cars are invited to participate in the popular Tour d’Elegance with the Concours cars the following day. The participants are also invited to the social events open to Con- cours entrants and judges in addition to passes for the Concours. N a t i o n a l T o u r s Class of Cars Accepted: Automobiles similar to those displayed at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Pebble Beach Motoring Tour Entry fees for the 14th Annual Pebble Beach Motoring Classic Tour: 1. Registration: On-line at www.pebblebeachconcours.net or by request to the Concours office. Entry Applications are to be submitted by April 20. 2. Location: Starts near Seattle, WA, and ends at Pebble Beach, CA. 3. Cost: $12,000 The cost includes a car with driver and passenger sharing one room, all receptions, meals, accommodations and activities during the tour plus the activities at Pebble Beach. (Accommodations in the Pebble Beach area are not included.) Contact Information: Al McEwan 6744 214th Avenue NE Redmond, WA 98053 Phone: 206-999-4485 Email: almcewan@msn.com Pebble_Beach_Motoring_Tour.indd 36 12/21/17 11:47 PM