The Bell Lexus North Scottsdale Copperstate 1000 is one of the pre- mier vintage car road rallies in North America. The Men’s Arts Coun- cil(MAC)createdtheeventin1990asafundraiserforPhoenixArtMu- seum and this event continues to set the benchmark for excellence. The finest vintage automobiles in the world have graced the scenic highways of Arizona during this annual 4-day event which covers 1000 miles of beautiful desert terrain, verdant river valley and alpine landscape throughout the state of Arizona and beyond. Entry fees for the Copperstate 1000: 1. Registration: Admission to the annual Copperstate 1000 is by selection only via an online application process. 2. Location: The departure and return destinations for the 2018 Copperstate 1000 will be in Scottsdale, Arizona. The rally itself will be throughout Arizona but the actual route and daily destina- tions are kept a secret until a few weeks prior to departure and even then are only officially released to the drivers and crew. 3. Cost: Approximately $7000 (reassessed yearly) and includes all meals and double occupancy lodging for the driver and co-driver ADDITIONAL COSTS Additional Room (Single Room Supplement) – $2000 Single Crew Package (one person, one room) – $4000 Double Crew Package (two people, one room) – $5500 Contact Information: Copperstate1000 2200 W Alameda Drive Phoenix, AZ 85282 Copperstate1000 Class of Cars Accepted: Sports, racing, and grand touring cars manufactured before the 1974 model year. The ALLURE of Rallies & Tours 35 N at i o n a l T o u r s Copperstate_1000.indd 35 12/21/17 11:39 PM