34 The ALLURE of Rallies & Tours Oneofthepremiervintagemotoringeventsintheworld–1000milesover 4 days on California’s best backroads. The California Mille was founded in 1991 as an annual event. Originally recognized by the Mille Miglia or- ganization in Brescia, it is held each Spring like the original Mille Miglia, starting on the last Sunday in April. Some 70 vintage vehicles that could have qualified for the Mille Miglia, Italy’s most-famous open-road race, willmotortoSanFrancisco’sNobHillonApril15,2018forafreecarshow and preview of the 28th annual California Mille. Ancient Alfa Romeos, pristine Porsches and magnificent Mercedes-Benz will take their places next to Jaguars, Ferraris, Bentleys and other classics on Mason Street, closed to traffic between Sacramento and California Streets. The public is invited to see the cars and meet the drivers. At 1:30 Sunday afternoon California Mille co-directors David and Howard Swig will greet the fans. On Monday morning, April 16 they will wave the Italian flag and officially start the 4-day, 1000 mile tour (not a race) of northern California time capsule towns and little-known back- roads. Cars are chosen from those submitted for entry. The event space is limited due to the hotel accommodations chosen for the route each year. n a t i o n a l t o u r s California Mille Class of Cars Accepted: 1927-1957 Entry fees for the California mille 1. Registration:The organizers will select the most interesting cars while seeking a variety of makes and types. Organizers like to keep the number of cars participating between 65-70. Each vehicle must be road legal, registered, and covered by liability insurance, proof of which must be carried in the vehicle at all times during the event. 2. Location: Kicks off at Nob Hill, San Francisco, CA. Then the wine country, north coast, and Sierra Nevada range of California offer a combination of great drivers’ roads, light traffic and charming destination hotels. We felt that we could equal Italy on hospitality, while offering a better driving experi- ence because of the endless choice of scenic, chal- lenging, traffic-free coastal and mountain roads. 3. Cost: Approximately $7500 (reassessed yearly) and includes all meals and double occupancy lodging for the driver and co-driver. Contact Information: Stephen Girlich - Event Manager Fairmont Hotel/San Francisco’s Nob Hill San Francisco, CA. Phone: 415-479-9940 californiamille@gmail.com www.californiamille.com California_Mille.indd 34 12/22/17 3:38 PM