The ALLURE of Rallies & Tours 21 r e s o u r c e g u i d e It’s impossible to cover everything, but this should be a good starting point for your travel tool kit. Keep in mind any special tool that your car requires. 9 Electrician-style needle nose pliers that have crimping capability. If like me, you don’t go anywhere without your Leatherman tool, you’re already covered! 10 Both regular pliers and Vice Grips. 11 A set of open-end/box combo wrenches. If space isn’t a huge issue, a standard set of SAE and Metric wrenches might help you or a fellow rallyist. If space is an issue, pick wrenches specific to your car…if you have a German car, for example, the majority of fastenings will be Metric odd sizes plus 10mm. On a Japanese car, don’t forget to pack the commonly used 12mm. If there’s some- thing offbeat and very specific on your car—I once owned a prewar British car on which the oil drain plug was 37.5mm and required a special wrench made only by one craftsman in Birmingham— make sure it’s in your kit. 12 Pack a small kit of useful items for repairing your electrical system…a sharp set of diagonal cutters, a small crimper/stripper, a handful of crimp con- nectors in common sizes, a roll of good electrical tape and a spool of 14-gauge wire that can be used for temporary connections. 13 Even though your battery is less than a year old, take a set of jumper cables with you. You might save someone else’s day, if not your own. 14 Every hardware store now sells a cool folding util- ity knife that can be used for a variety of tasks. 15 Bring two pairs of gloves…mechanic’s type and a pair of leather truckers style from the hardware store. 16 A fire extinguisher rated ABC could save your car or someone else’s. Most automotive extinguishers are only 2.5 pound. If you can fit a 5 pound or 10 pound extinguisher in your car, so much the better. 17 Find a sturdy, small bag for your tool kit. The idea is to keep it compact and concise, but more importantly, to keep all your tools together in one place so you can find whatever you need quickly, especially in an emergency. 17_Tools.indd 21 12/21/17 11:24 PM