The ALLURE of Rallies & Tours 19 r e s o u r c e g u i d e Touring and Rally Preparation for the Classic Car Enthusiast  Sean Ketchem is the owner of Vintage Auto Service, a shop in Santee, California that focuses on the service, repair and restoration of antique and collector cars VINTAGE AUTO SERVICE 8745 N. Magnolia ave. suite, D, Santee CA 92071 | e-mail: | Phone: (619) 567-9129 • Wiper blade condition and operation • Check and lube all suspension and steering points • Change all fluids and filters... air filter, oil, coolant, transmission fluid, rear differential, steering, brakes • Check all lightbulbs and operation, especially brake lights • Check tire age as well as condition and pressure, including the spare. Even if it looks good, an older tire may have dry-rotted from the inside and should be replaced • Tune-up, this should be a major tune service that includes setting the valve lash • Road test the car, does it pull under braking? • Does it track straight or is an alignment needed? • Brakes: how do the linings look? Are the hydraulics leaking? • Clutch System: inspect from the disc to the pedal... some have hydraulics some have linkage and clips, all should be checked • Electrical System: is the battery charging? Check battery age, coil age and condition of all wiring • Fuel System: inspect the carburetor, fuel lines and fuel pump, look for excessive varnish or leaking. Inspect the rubber fuel hose and replace if needed • Steering and Suspension: check balljoints, kingpins, steering box slop, tie rod ends, draglink, sway bar bushings • U-joints: look for excessive slop and overall condition, if they have been neglected, change them  • fuses  • plug  wires  • ignition  coil  • fuel  pump  • spark  plugs  (2  sets)  • carburetor  jet  kit,  and  associated  tools  • Belts  • Fire  extinguisher  • fuel  filter  • fuel  hose  and  clamps  • tool  kit  (including  a  test  light)  • jack  and  jack  stand  • flares  • water  container  • empty  gas  can  • jumper  cables  INSPECTION & REPAIR SUPPLIES & SPARES SERVICE I n preparing  a  vintage  machine  for  a  long  distance  event  there  are  several  items  that  can  be easily  missed. Usually  a  lot  of  questions  are  asked,  “Did  I  pack  that  jack?  Is  the  brake  fluid topped  up?  Are  those  four-year-old tires still okay?”  Ultimately,  it’s  usually the  question  not  asked that results  in  the  most  trouble. I recommend a checklist broken into three areas: SERVICE (All vehicle maintenance-related  tasks), INSPECTION & REPAIR (Inspecting wear and tear items as well as finding and replacing any broken or marginal parts), SUPPLIES & SPARES (Spare parts that are prone to failure, as well as practical items such as a fire extinguishers.)   Touring_Rally_Prep.indd 19 12/21/17 11:49 PM