18 The ALLURE of Rallies & Tours 1 Have at least one group activity per day • Breakfast • Dinner • Visit an attraction • Cocktail Hour, wine tasting, Champagne tail-gate, ice cream social etc. • We do like to get back to the parking lot to talk cars, too 2 Provide clear route directions • 14 Point type for the directions • Before a turn, give a warning (After “horse crossing sign” or look for “old red barn” • At the turn tell them what action to take in bold face type. Turn Left, Turn Right, Continue Straight. • After the turn, confirm the correct action was completed….Pass the blue silo or pass mailbox # 345 on your left. This is extremely important when the next direction is many miles away. 3 Include educational or local information • The town of XYZ was instrumental in iron production in 1748 • Point out attractions, but allow people to choose their own stops (many tours are cover- ing territory that members have visited already) 4 A good Tour booklet will include the follow elements • Each day’s route labeled with the day and print- ed on different colored paper is useful to avoid tourist following Wed. instead of Thur. • Listofparticipantsandtheircars(sorted2ways ishelpful,byparticipantandbycar).Considerin- cludingcontactinformationfortheparticipants. • Daily Route maps of the area. The day’s route marked in a contrasting color w/ direction of travel arrows • The week’s tour activities and high-lights outlined on one or two easy to read pages. Then again at the beginning of each day. • Includelocalemergencynumbers;towingservices • Include dining suggestions w/ telephone #s 5 Length of tour routes, 40 miles to 175 miles Be sensitive to the energy levels of the group, • Older participants desire less miles. • More turns require less miles. •Less horsepower require less miles •More attractions require less miles 6 Cover your liability • Include wording in your directions “these routes are suggested, you are in no way obligated to follow them. tour carefully, drive responsibly and safely” 7 Lodging tips • A place that will hold the rooms until your participants will have time to respond • Resort Hotels often look for an upfront deposit to hold rooms and dates. Avoid this require- ment by negotiating with the hotel for people to make their own reservations within (specify a time frame) 30 to 45 days or 90 days • A place within walking distance of a great town is preferable to “the sticks” • A facility with clean rooms and common areas • A place with a common room or bar for gathering • A place with dining facilities • A place that will work with you and respond in a helpful manner 8 Road selection • Use dirt roads only if you must, If there is no other way or the attraction at the end is a worthwhile destination • Give alternate directions for those who wish to avoid dirt roads entirely • Avoid long hills or super steep for the average tourist in early brass cars • Favor roads with large soft shoulders • Favor roads with low traffic • Favor roads with speeds of 40 to 45 • Avoid interstate highways, unless for very short times, when there is no other reasonable way around. 9 Check your directions • Rerun routes once your directions are com- plete, many tour directors will run them 2 or 3 times and more to confirm the accuracy of any changes. 10 Get Local input • Stop along your routes and pick up every brochure that you can, review them for inclusion in your tour • Ask locals what you can see in the area • Call car club members in the area for ideas and places to visit 11 Length of tour • A weekend tour can be extended for a 1 ⁄2 day day touring on Thursday. Two full days Friday and Saturday and Sunday to travel home. This will encourage tourists from further away to join the group. This allows the participants a morning to trailer in, and a brief tour in the afternoon. 12 Name badges (If your group is large) • Use magnetic backings or lanyard holders, the ladies do not like pins thru fine garments • Useful info: The name of the person and city or state, car and year should be legible from 4 or 5 feet. r e s o u r c e g u i d e By Tim McCann – Member New England Region Bentley Driver’s Club 12Tips for a Successful Tour SuccessfulTips_018.indd 18 12/21/17 10:13 PM