r e s o u r c e g u i d e Insurance for Tours & Rallies By Grundy Insurance TERMS, RESTRICTIONS AND COVERAGE, YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND W hen participating in events Tour organizers typically require that you verify that you have mandatory liability coverage and ask for your insurance companies name and policy number. They do this to protect themselves and other tourists but it’s not their responsibility to protect your car and events don’t typically buy insurance for driving accidents. Verify with your insurer that your vehicle is covered for multi-day rallies and tours including shipping to and from events and overnight stays in hotel parking lots. Make sure you have adequate AGREED VALUE Comprehensive and Collision coverage so you don’t have to rely on the guy who hit you even if he’s at fault. Are You Properly Covered | What you should know Terms to Understand | Do You have Mileage or other Restrictions a tour and the odometer hits 2499? Stop and buy a new policy before proceeding?? At Grun- dy, we have Unlimited Mileage for pleasure driving and touring if for no other reason than most of our tour cars are vintage and don’t have working odometers! Transit Within the USA you are most likely covered by your Collector Policy when your car is being transported. But make sure you have full cover- age including collision. Did you know that if the trailer upsets with your car inside that is deemed collision by definition in an insurance policy? Same situation if a car breaks loose in a trailer and smashes back and forth in the trailer or an- other car in a multi-car rig. You don’t have to be behind the wheel for a claim to be covered as col- lision as opposed to just comprehensive! Transit Overseas This involves another set of circumstances. Nor- mal auto policies cover USA and Canada only with endorsements readily available for going into Mexico. But the standard auto policy does not provide coverage internationally or during ocean or air cargo. Individual short-term policies canbeveryexpensiveandarelimitedincoverage. At Grundy, our Special Client Policyholders have a Special Collections policy form that ex- tends coverage Worldwide for damage to your car including transit. TowingandLaborifYouBreakdown Many but not all Tours provide a Trouble Truck with a qualified mechanic to follow behind and assist tourists who break down from anything as simple as a flat tire to as complex as major mechanical failure. In the latter case, they load you on a trailer or flatbed and help you back to the hotel. But if there’s no trouble truck you may find yourself in the middle of nowhere and the nearest service garage man may have gone fishing! This can be frustrating, time consuming and costly. While we help with the frustration, Grundy does provide coverage to reimburse you for the cost to tow your vehicle to a safe place for repairs and even will pay for emergency road service if you run out of gas or don’t know how to change a tire yourself. There are other less concerning issues relat- ed to insurance solutions that apply to touring but we hope we’ve covered the essentials. It is not our intent to scare you off. Conversely, we believe if you’re well prepared and have ade- quately covered your vehicle for the rare but inevitable risks we face along the road, your touring experience will be wonderful and filled with lasting memories! Racing Exclusion All Personal Auto Policies including Collector Car policies EXCLUDE racing. But none of the policies define a race. A race to us at Grundy is NOT a Tour or Rally but some companies may think otherwise. We define a race as a competi- tion between vehicles acknowledging the fast- est performance or quickest time when driving against a timer or stop watch. At an actual racing circuit that means you are covered from “Hot Pit toHotPit”butonceyouaccelerateontothetrack your insurance stays behind. And how about Hill Climbs and Gymkhanas on public roads. Once again at Grundy we apply the performance test and if speed is being recorded and acknowledges a winner you are racing and there’s NO coverage. But, if there’s no timing or competition, we as- sume the event is a demonstration and coverage applies. Not every company thinks like we do. Make sure you have an insurance company that doesn’t exclude a Rally because of the implica- tion in the name and you and they have a clear understanding in advance. Mileage Restrictions or Unlimited Mileage Some collector car policies have mileage restrictions of around 2500-miles annually. Some are as low as 1000 miles per year, and some allow you to select a mileage limit and lower your premium. We’ve always wondered what happens to the guy with a 2500-mile pol- icy if he’s driving along just for pleasure or on The ALLURE of Rallies & Tours 17 Insurance_for_Tours_and_Rallies-2.indd 17 12/26/17 10:42 PM