10 The ALLURE of Rallies & Tours One Lap of America 48 States the Hard (Easy?) Way by Don Peterson T he idea of driving a classic car through 48 states on one trip did not come all at once, but the seed may have been sown in November, 1966 when I pro- posed that the CCCA do a coast-to-coast CARavan in 1972. It didn’t happen then, but a quarter-century later the club announced that they would be doing a coast-to-coast in June 1995. I, of course, signed up. It is my honor to introduce you to one of the most active members of the Classic Car Club of America (CCCA), Don Peterson, a veteran of 77 CCCA CARavans. I came to know him in 1989 through my association with Car Collector magazine, of which he was the co- owner and editor. He will be the first to tell you that touring is all about the memories forged from both good and challenging experiences. I chose to feature the following narrative because Peterson captured and logged his touring experiences participating on a coast-to- coast CCCA CARavan while achieving his personal goal of touring in all 48 contiguous states in a classic car. It gives great insight to anyone considering the idea of participating on a tour or rally, and also sets the tone for this publication. — Jeffrey Broadus OneLap_010-015.indd 10 12/23/17 11:03 AM